Bonus Feature - Kato & Asian Americans in Hollywood

March 15, 2022 01:08:42
Bonus Feature - Kato & Asian Americans in Hollywood
Madison On The Air
Bonus Feature - Kato & Asian Americans in Hollywood

Mar 15 2022 | 01:08:42


Show Notes


Join “Madison on the Air” cast member and voice of our Kato in "The Green Hornet" Steve Jun, for this hour long discussion about the history of Asian Americans in entertainment.  Starting with old time radio and characters like Kato and Charlie Chan, through the decades of film, television, anime and stage all the way to modern day.  Steve hosts a frank and open discussion about the struggles and successes of the Asian American community with fellow professional creatives Andy Lowe, Kelvin Han Yee and Joy Regullano. Enjoy this conversation full of insight and humor.

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