Trailer - Challenge of the Yukon - Ep. 20

May 20, 2022 00:01:00
Trailer - Challenge of the Yukon - Ep. 20
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Trailer - Challenge of the Yukon - Ep. 20

May 20 2022 | 00:01:00


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"The Challenge of the Yukon" started as 15 minute short episodes, so we give you TWO episodes for the price of ONE!  "Maw Baker's Pies" finds Madison working in the 1890's Gold Rush town of Forty Mile as kitchen help to the beloved local figure, Maw Baker. But when Maw comes into a lot of gold, she becomes the target of a bad element.  In "A Pack of Bacon," Madison suits up as a North West Mounted Police officer, but when her assignment to bring in two outlaws leaves her stranded in the frozen Yukon, she'll need the assistance of Sergeant Preston and his Wonder Dog, King.

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