Ep. 13 - Dimension X - "The Parade"

Episode 13 November 01, 2021 00:35:24
Ep. 13 - Dimension X - "The Parade"
Madison On The Air
Ep. 13 - Dimension X - "The Parade"

Nov 01 2021 | 00:35:24


Show Notes

Madison takes a job as a secretary at a top publicity house in New York City. When a new client comes in claiming to be a “Martian,” Madison’s boss just thinks it’s part of the gag to promote “Martian Day,” a publicity campaign for a big Hollywood space opera opening soon. The huge budget for the campaign is too good to pass up, and Madison finds herself helping her boss to prepare for the biggest publicity stunt of his career: a “Martian Day” parade down 5th Avenue, sure to dwarf anything Macy’s has ever done.  Will the campaign be a success?  Depends if you’re an Earthling… or a “Martian.”  



Written/Produced/Edited: Chrisi Talyn Saje
Original Music/Audio Engineering: Jeremy Saje

Madison Standish: Chrisi Talyn Saje

Syd Ryan: Jeremy Saje

Mr. Loushar: Jerry Kokich

Benny Marcus: Aaron Stall

Commissioner Patrick: Paul Arbisi

Ron Highland: David Pinion

Mrs. Shakley: Tia Scrivens

Marty: Tom O'Connor

Gloria/Operator: Lara Kristine Elliott

Man on the Phone: Steve Jun

Announcer/Shakley Boy: Jonathan Winstead

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