Ep. 22 - Tales of the Texas Rangers - "Blood Trail"

Episode 22 August 01, 2022 00:36:09
Ep. 22 - Tales of the Texas Rangers - "Blood Trail"
Madison On The Air
Ep. 22 - Tales of the Texas Rangers - "Blood Trail"

Aug 01 2022 | 00:36:09


Show Notes

Sheriff Madison Standish (I know! Cool, right??) finds a murdered country doctor and enlists the help of Texas Ranger Jace Pearson to find his killer. It’s a good ol’ fashioned 1950’s Western with cattle ranchers, horses, guns, the hot desert and a great train escape. Can Madison hack it as a Texas Sheriff?  Ranger Pearson sure has his work cut out for him.



Written/Produced/Edited: Chrisi Talyn Saje
Original Music/Audio Engineering: Jeremy Saje

Madison Standish: Chrisi Talyn Saje

Ranger Jace Pearson: Jerry Kokich

Jim Ford: Matthew Burd

Harriett: Sharon Grünwald

Lester/Crowd: Steve Jun

Karl Hinkle: Karim Kronfli

Medical Examiner/Crowd: Paul Arbisi

Man/Crowd: Jeremy Saje

Announcer: Jonathan Winstead

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