Ep. 33 - Boston Blackie - "Madison's First Murder"

Episode 33 July 01, 2023 00:30:23
Ep. 33 - Boston Blackie - "Madison's First Murder"
Madison On The Air
Ep. 33 - Boston Blackie - "Madison's First Murder"

Jul 01 2023 | 00:30:23


Show Notes

Stalked by an ex-boyfriend she can’t get rid of, Madison borrows Boston Blackie’s gun to show she means business. But when her ex turns up murdered, Blackie will have to try and prove her innocence.  If she is innocent…



Written/Produced/Edited: Chrisi Talyn Saje
Original Music/Audio Engineering: Jeremy Saje

Madison Standish: Chrisi Talyn Saje

Boston Blackie: David Pinion

Inspector Farraday: Tom O'Connor

John Richards: Logan Smith

Dr. Joe Lyndell: Scott R. McKinley

Dr. Harold Madison: Paul Arbisi

Rollins: AJ Fidalgo

Narrator: Jonathan Winstead

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