Ep. 34 - Chandu, the Magician - "The Dressmaker"

Episode 34 August 01, 2023 00:41:11
Ep. 34 - Chandu, the Magician - "The Dressmaker"
Madison On The Air
Ep. 34 - Chandu, the Magician - "The Dressmaker"

Aug 01 2023 | 00:41:11


Show Notes

While working as the assistant to Chandu, the Magician, Madison finds herself in 1930’s Paris. Chandu, a U.S. government agent with the powers of an Indian Yogi, is asked to protect the secrecy of a new couture gown from a top designer, but thinks the assignment frivolous and refuses.  Until it turns to murder!  Paris fashion, betrayal, mystic powers and way too much misogyny for a kid’s show, will Madison save the gown and catch the killer?



Written/Produced/Edited: Chrisi Talyn Saje
Original Music/Audio Engineering: Jeremy Saje

Madison Standish: Chrisi Talyn Saje

Chandu, the Magician: Jerry Kokich

Henri Chabert: Albert Garnica

Pierre Chabert: James C. Taylor

Madame Louise: Bonnie Brantley

John Phillips: S. Scott Barry

Narrator: Jonathan Winstead

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