Ep. 5 - Let George Do It - "Lady in Distress"

Episode 5 March 01, 2021 00:28:11
Ep. 5 - Let George Do It - "Lady in Distress"
Madison On The Air
Ep. 5 - Let George Do It - "Lady in Distress"

Mar 01 2021 | 00:28:11


Show Notes

When Madison starts her temp job as a Girl Friday to ex-cop-turned-private-detective George Valentine, the dick is no where to be found.  Madison takes it upon herself to help a client by disguising as a show girl in an underworld club. What could possibly go wrong?  Aside from Madison landing a murder wrap and facing jail time.  



Written/Produced/Edited: Chrisi Talyn Saje
Original Music/Audio Engineering: Jeremy Saje

Madison Standish: Chrisi Talyn Saje

George Valentine: Jeremy Saje

Lieutenant Riley: Tom O'Connor

Chicky Larson: Stepy Kamei

Philip Geary: Albert Garnica

Vivian Drake: Alexandra Bartley

Artie: Steve Jun

Glen Cooley: Marcus Evans

Announcer: Bran Peacock

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