Trailer - The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Ep. 7

April 20, 2021 00:01:00
Trailer - The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Ep. 7
Madison On The Air
Trailer - The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Ep. 7

Apr 20 2021 | 00:01:00


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Needing some extra cash, Madison takes a job house sitting for Dr. Watson. It’s not long before she’s swept into helping the greatest detective of all time in his latest case.  Together, she and Sherlock Holmes must track down a blackmailer and retrieve the incriminating item to save a royal wedding.  The two will don disguises, start a hansom cab chase, and get thrown in to the middle of a street fight.  Will they be able to stop the blackmailer in time to save the wedding?  Will Madison’s horrible cockney accent fool anyone?  Join us at 221 B Baker Street and find out!

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