Trailer - Gunsmoke - Ep. 2

January 03, 2021 00:01:00
Trailer - Gunsmoke - Ep. 2
Madison On The Air
Trailer - Gunsmoke - Ep. 2

Jan 03 2021 | 00:01:00


Show Notes


Madison finds herself in the Old West full of shoot outs, bank robbers and… wait, what?  NONE of those things?  She’s assisting Marshal Matt Dillon as he helps the Blake family who have had their farm foreclosed upon by the greedy land grabber, Caleb Andrews.  With everyone in town afraid of Caleb, who will be brave enough to stand up for what’s right?  And will Madison manage to get through it all without starting a saloon brawl? (Spoiler… no, she won’t)

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